Submission #53 • oral
Ultrasound-guided trucut biopsy of lymph node – is it interventional pulmonologist forte?
ALAGA Arvindran • Pulmonology Department, Hospital Sultanah Bahiya • hMALAYSIA
Submission #103 • e-poster
The innovative solution for tracheal reconstruction in the treatment of benign tracheal stenosis
RUSAKOV Michael • Sechenov University Hospital • RUSSIAN FEDERATION
Submission #112 • e-poster
Submission #156 • e-poster
A Rare Complication of Hepatopulmonary Syndrome after a Fontan Cardiac Surgery
FERNANDEZ Chanel • University of Buffalo: School of Medicine • UNITED STATES
Submission #163 • oral
Surgical and functional outcomes following resection of benign laryngotracheal stenosis.
HANNA Amir • Interventional bronchoscopy unit, Department of Pulmonary medicine and Lung Transplantation, Marie Lannelongue Hospital. • FRANCE
Submission #168 • e-poster
Intra-tumor and inter-tumor heterogeneity of PD-L1 expression
YUICHI Saito • Teikyo University School of Medicine • JAPAN
Submission #179 • e-poster
Interventional closure of atrial septal defect occluder under respiratory endoscopy for bronchopleural fistula: a report of 6 cases
CHEN Cheng • Department of Thoracic Surgery, Affiliated Hospital of Zunyi Medical University • CHINA
Submission #221 • e-poster